Jewelry Care ╟



We use all natural precious and semi precious stones all handpicked for its divine and powerful beauty. If you would like to clean the stones on your jewelry pieces, gently do so with a slightly dampened cotton cloth. Spot clean with a gentle touch and dry immediately as some stones are sensitive to water.

To properly cleanse the energetic properties of your stones, you can do so through sunlight, moonlight, selenite gemstone, and energetic healing touch.


We use an array of precious metals to passionately create our collection. Here you can find jewelry made with solid copper, 925 sterling silver, and .999 fine silver all of the finest quality. Please refer to the metal below for proper cleaning and care instructions.


Copper is a beautiful metal of transformative properties. It is a unique metal in that it responds differently to each person due to our body chemistry and alkaline levels. This is because copper works with the copper in our bodies to detox our blood, increases blood flow, which in turn helps out with inflammation which is why you see it widely popularized as a go to medicinial jewelry for athritis. Because of the nature of copper, you can find that it will lighten or darken according to the individual wearing it. Some of our pieces come as a bright almost rose gold color. This color might eventually darken over time which we enjoy, but you may not. The copper can easily be brightened again with a simple and natural mixture of three parts water and one part lemon juice, let sit in solution for one minute, rinse, and dry. This is an easy way to remedy the darken that you will only need to do every once in a while to keep the bright color. Some of our pieces are coated with a protective jewelers lacquer to ensure the dark color remains with wear. The lemon water solution should not be used on these pieces. Jewelry that is coated with this lacquer will be indicated in the description of the piece.

All copper jewelry should be removed prior to the use of any lotions or oils. It should also be removed before any exposure to water which includes handwashing, bathing, daily chores, swimming, etc. Copper jewelry should be stored in a zip lock back or air tight container when not in use.


Sterling and fine silver are precious metals that do not require much care. Through time it may naturally become a slightly darker silver color which you can easily polish with a silver polishing cloth. Gently rub the areas that need shine with the cloth to restore it to its original condition. If you just want to maintain the silver and clean dirt build up through use, simply dampen a cotton cloth and go over the areas that need a little tlc. The oil and debris should easily be removed and your silver will look good as new!