My name is Cecilia and I am a passionate mother, learner of life, and jewelry designer fascinated with all things cosmic. Our shop is an expression of our love of the imagination and eagerness to share a world of peace and higher being through beauty and knowledge. We feel that creation is a powerful gift of man and through it we can heal.

IT BEGAN with a yearning for a more purposeful existence. Roger and I met as painters in college, fell in love, and were blessed with our beautiful daughter one year later. I was a waitress at the Olive Garden and Roger was working at Radioshack when we had Aria. Having a family was the most beautiful thing to have ever happened to us but the day to day grind of living life and trying to survive left us physically exhausted, emotionally unstable, and spiritually empty. We barely saw each other. We had lost our love for creativity. We had lost our magic. Somewhere along our story we had killed that inner voice that said "this is not the way" and accepted the harsh reality. A tragic accident happened with our baby girl that lifted the veil of illusion from our eyes and showed us to nurture the most important thing we could ever have - our family. After the long night at the hospital, we came home and decided that enough was enough. In 2012, we took the leap of faith. We quit our day jobs and fervently pursued our dreams. I am so grateful, that with the support of people like you, we are able to live creatively and passionately. We have never forgotten where we started and the blessings we were given to pursue our work and are devoted to helping others follow their true north.  We personally believe that we all have something extraordinary to share that would help the lives of others. Each creation is made to empower others to pursue their forgotten dreams, divine purpose, truth, and the courage in their hearts.

OUR STUDIO is based in Southern California and our team consists of my husband Roger who is a gem fanatic, myself, and our little inspiration and princess Aria. We like to be a part of the process in everything which means hours of sifting for the right gem, cutting and polishing most of our own stones, and creating each piece from the ground up. We believe in the sacredness that this slow process holds and honor that the best things that manifests take time and a lot of care.

THE GOAL for our jewelry line is to re-awaken a sense of wonderment with the natural world and in turn, unleash the potential of universe within. We like to imagine each creation coming from the womb of the Earth and let our hands move in accordance with these visions. They are usually translated into voluptuous goddess forms, rich in texture, and often features unique gemstone specimens. Each piece is carefully crafted and meticulously worked until the piece feels like a nostalgic reminder of our ancient past, something we cannot grasp but can feel is full of magic.

WE HOPE you find something here that connects you to the very core of your being. We hope it reveals to you a profound wisdom, and in turn see that you are a being of God's light interconnected to everything in the universe.

THANK YOU for joining us on this journey as we learn more about the world and continue to dig deeper and deeper to discover more about ourselves.

Blessings from our family to yours,

Roger, Cecilia, and Aria


 "I am a seed that was sown from the past and I shall never be lost. I will never be lost." Ancient Maori Saying