Adornment can be a intimate and sacred part of our lives. Jewelry connects with us on a physical level as well as an emotional one. It has the ability to communicate what excites us most & what inspires our inner worlds. It keeps us close to what we value. We believe that the act of adorning yourself with carefully chosen pieces is a practice of self love & preparation for what we are inviting in our lives.

I chose to become a jewelry artist because it has the ability to marry the elements of everything I love most: ancient philosophy, imagination, storytelling, nature, and design. In 2011, I left my job as a waitress at the Olive Garden to pursue a creative life. Something that could really give me the grit and fullness of a life well lived which to me meant taking risks and personal growth. I had just had my little girl who was 2 at the time and that really gave me all the reason I needed to start. With a fire in my heart, I set out to create our brand WHIMS OF WANDERLUST JEWELRY.

OUR BRAND values the special quality of something made by hand. We seek to explore what hasn’t been done and use the materials in an exciting way that is both elegant and true to nature’s palette of textures and natural raw beauty.

Here at WHIMS OF WANDERLUST JEWELRY, we view quality and originality as our top priority. We have a high standard for artistry and pride ourselves in doing things a little differently. Our designs are eclectic but always elegant, raw yet exquisitely refined, experimental, unconventional, fun, and thoughtful. Every piece is carefully crafted and one of a kind to be unforgettable and stand out from the rest.

OUR GOAL as artists is to use nature and creative design to tell a greater story of self realization and love.

THE PROCESS. We are a husband and wife duo who meticulously hand crafts everything in our small studio in Southern California. We like to be a part of the process in everything which means hours of sifting for the right gem, cutting and polishing most of our own stones, and creating each piece from the ground up. We believe in the sacredness that this slow process holds and honor that the best things that manifests takes time and a lot of care.

TODAY our brand has grown into a full time business. After 7 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with many local boutiques and consignment shops, collaborated with fashion and style blogs, adorned celebrities, published and recognized in multiple reputable jewelry magazines, and even did an artistry commercial for HP computers.

BUT WHAT WE’RE MOST PROUD OF is the intimate connections we’ve made online and through live events with people like you. Sharing your dreams, aspirations, and passions is the heartbeat of why our brand exists. I am so grateful, that with the support of people like you, we are able to live creatively, passionately, and explore what we love most.

THANK YOU for joining us on this journey. Creating jewelry for bold and ambitious individuals is our passion and we hope that in wearing our pieces sparks you to live your most inspired life!

Please check out our calendar and visit us at our upcoming events!

Be sure to shop our collection online and in stores and find something as original as you are!

Peace and love,
Cecilia & Roger
 "I am a seed that was sown from the past and I shall never be lost. I will never be lost." Ancient Maori Saying
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