The Bohemian Vibe is all about loving what you wear and not being afraid to mix it up! Let your personality shine through with your favorite pieces and we'll help with how to style it!


Layering is a must! It's a fun way to infuse your look with personality and add that unique YOU element that stands out from the rest!


Try mixing metals! Layering silver pieces with copper ones look great and adds an eclectic vibe to your look!

Here we've layered some dainty layerables with strong crystals and mixed metal pieces. I've always loved adding a rustic touch with copper pieces giving the look a more down to earth vibe.

Night out? Up the glam with strong statement rings!


Mixing different textures makes it interesting.

                         (Featured above: Native Copper Bangle and Lizard Tracks Leather Bracelet)



                                           (Featured above: Earthkeeper Leather Necklace)


Like creative sweetheart and style blogger Luana Gabriella from blog foreverboho.com



We love the combo of hair pulled back paired with statement earrings! Feminine and strong.

Accent your strength with our Lotus Leaf Earrings and Amethyst Collar Necklace featured below! 


Our bold designs are a great fit to make you feel empowered and unique on any occasion!


Jewelry is a very personal thing. However you decide to mix it up make it fun and make it you!