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Live A Great Story

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I’ve always been a dreamer who loves inspiration. I feel like life is one big lesson and inspiration comes to us in many forms and experiences.

One of the people who is inspiring me currently is a duo I met in San Diego who shares the same passion for making people come alive. They are dedicated to inspiring others to “live a great story” and spend their time spreading this positive message through collecting interviews of people who took the road less traveled. Their cause has inspired so many to follow their dreams and to live what they are passionate about.

Not much needs to be said about what they do, it’s something that you just have to feel. If you are a dreamer like me, you will enjoy hearing the stories and interviews that they have collected from people all over the world who chose to move through adversity and to live their great story.

So LIVE A GREAT STORY and enjoy!

Check out more at www.liveagreatstory.com

Instagram: @liveagreatstory


  • Cecilia Gabriel

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