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Artist Spotlight: Beachscape Artist Andres Amador

"Our lives are impermanent and the tide is unstoppable." -Andres Amador

Andres Amador is an Earthscape artist that has captivated an audience worldwide with large scale beach drawings inspired by nature. His art aims to bring light to impermanence and the beauty of the present moment.

What I love about his work is that it is difficult to not to stop and contemplate "what is happening here and why is it happening?" It peers into our own psyche and gives us a moment to "see" the world around us and within us.  It is loud and at the same time quiet, seamlessly blending into the environment it but at a closer glance, the imagination and beauty begin to reveal itself. His message to be in the present moment is reflected in his art that disappears with the tides.

Andres Amador is a San Francisco native that has always had a calling to help out humanity. He worked as a computer technician fascinated with geometry then immersed himself in Peace Corp in an effort to impact the world on a larger scale. He continued to move forward and found himself in this moment in time today. With a fascination of nature and devotion to giving positivity to the world, he found his paradise in the least likely of places- at the beach equipped with a rake and his imagination.

"In doing this art, I have become much more connected to the cycles of nature and that has continued to move in my life in bigger ways."

I had the pleasure of seeing Andres work live at Swami's Beach in the city of Encinitas just a couple of weeks ago. There was a huge gathering of hundreds of people all invited to share in creating these henna inspired mandalas. Below is a snapshot, taken from the top of the cliff, of the work in progress.

The beach was filled with all ages having fun creating designs. It was so beautiful seeing the amount of smiling that went on. Every person I encountered felt such a positive charge and sense of community.


We joined in the collective art and made our own designs as well! Aria was a natural and Roger created a beautiful lotus spiral.


There is something so beautiful about watching people devote all their energy into such a big project knowing that it would only last till the end of the day. The gathering of such a large amount of people really spoke to me and speaks a more global conversation that we are all connecting to a higher consciousness and realization of the fragile nature of our being and finding ways to make it count even for only a moment.

Here is a finished aerial shot of that day

Later that night we attended a meet and greet reception at Bliss 101- a stunning fair trade gallery showcasing art, furniture, and unique goods. Present were tons of beautiful people, Andres, his beautiful wife Ember, and their 2 year old son Kavi. It was a full house with amazing energy and all kinds of interesting people from all walks of life. The walls were lined with one mesmerizing print after the next.


We were able to spend some time chatting with the family and really getting to know the heartbeat of their work. I loved hearing their story of how it all began. One of the things I had asked Andres is "Why the rake and how did it even start?". It was interesting to find out that the first tool to etch on the sand was actually a walking stick and was spontaneously created in a secluded beach. It was a large piece just as large of a scale as his works now. We laughed about how it never even started small. He said it just made sense to him to express it that way. I couldn't say enough good things about him and his family. They are a pure extension of their work at the beach- humbling, spiritual, and full of love.

We ended up taking home a signed print of this beautiful beach scape.

 There is something so universal about their work that captures the child like wonder and connection to nature that is in each of us. In a world seeking for answers and looking for more peaceful ways to live, Andres has inspired many to turn inwards. He has managed to find peace for himself and offers the same unconditional love to the greater good. His work is a physical reminder that beauty is always around us, life is borrowed, and each moment will be gone to the next. It is a reminder to be present and enjoy the passing gifts of today.

"There is a kinship that I feel with the many traditions around the world that create art where the process is the focus and when the product is done, they sweep it away. It's meant to be destroyed in some fashion because the end result is not the goal."


Andres Amador Video Interview:




View more of his work and upcoming events:

Website: www.andresamadorarts.com

Instagram: @andresamadorarts



Love and blessings.


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