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Food For the Mind, Body, And Spirit & Unlocking Your Greatest Potential Today



Hey family! We’re so excited about taking on this new blog! We love to share what’s happening with the world around us in an inspiring and uplifting way.

There are so many truths being uncovered in the energetic healing field, awareness is growing, and we are one step closer each day to achieving our best and truest selves. I hope that this blog will nurture your life in every experience and help you realize that you live in a world with billions and billions of possibilities, that you are an infinite being in an infinite world. Roger and I are always searching for feeling and a deeper understanding of the world around us. Please take in the information with an open heart, share with someone who needs it, and press forward always.

To kick off the first issue in our blog, we wanted to address wellness on all levels: the mind, the body, and the spirit. We’ve dedicated interesting and informative articles about each that can be used in daily life. Each intertwine and cannot be separate from the other. In a journey of healing, you will see that tending to one is tending to all and as you focus your attention to one aspect, it naturally overflows to the others. Being mindful of this is key to unlocking your best self. Taking care of the body with proper food and exercise is just as important as taking care of the spirit with positive thoughts.  The key is knowing that you have the choice each moment to transcend your reality to create the life of your dreams.

In this Issue!

~ Setting your Intentions- The Power of Thoughts & How They Shape your Reality

~ Breath and Release: Breathing Techniques that Channel Peace and Awareness

~ The Power Of One- How One Man Changed The Course of a Century

~ Divine Guidance

~ Get to know the Amethyst Crystal

~ Book Recommendation of the Month

~ Spirit Animal For July

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We’ve all heard about “The Secret”. That the power of positive thinking and how directing intentions can shape how we perceive and experience the world. The idea that we are co-creators of our reality and that we can collaborate in each moment if we wish to. But how deep does this go? To understand this universe, one must think in terms of energy and vibration. On a basic level, we are energy. Everything around us IS energy. Music is vibration energy, sound is wave energy, thought and color are forms of wavelengths and vibration. We live in a world we can't perceive more than we know. We can shift the energy around us through directing this energy with our thoughts, actions, and intentions.

Buddhist monks are aware of this power, some even having the ability to manipulate their core temperature through meditation. Changing matter with thoughts and the notion that the invisible is connected to physical matter is not as farfetched as it once was. Science is even diving into this mysterious world and conducting experiments that demonstrate the power of the mind.
In 1801, a scientist named Thomas Young performed what is known today as the double-slit experiment. In this experiment on the manner of photons, it was discovered that the behavior of photons is not as easily predictable as we expected . They found that the behavior of photons can be unpredictable and even change their transjectory when it is being observed. Meaning, matter changes it’s behavior by the simple act of witnessing it happen. What started off as a test of light particles became the discovery of something else completely. This has become a classic “thought” experiment that demonstrates the connection of how one reality affects the other.
See and animated version of this experiment here:

Moreover, what if not only are we observing the matter and changing it’s outcome, BUT, what if we carried intentions as we perceive the world around us as well?

In 1944, a doctor in alternative medicine named Dr. Masuro Emoto took a curiosity to the possibility of how we can shape our reality through words, energy, and intention. Dr. Emoto conducted his famous “Water Crystal experiment” where he meditated on water with different thoughts: fear, anger, love, hate, gratitude, as well as played music and offered prayer to the water. First, all the water was retrieved from the same location. Then, after meditating on each word directed to the water, Dr. Emoto froze the water. It was then observed under a microscope to see if the nature of the crystallizations would change in accordance with the energy of the words. The results will amaze you...


See other crystallizations @ http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html

The words charged with anger and hate failed to crystallize and would just remain in messy pools while the water infused with love and prayer would form into beautiful crystal like structures in harmony with nature.

Not being aware and responsible of our thoughts can lead to destructive energy. We must lead the way by blessing all we come in contact with, with our thoughts and with what comes out of our mouths. Will you fill your mind space with thoughts of love or thoughts of fear? We are made up of mostly water and 71% of our Earth is as well. What if we all decided to be more mindful of our thoughts and took responsibility for our vibration? Imagine the things we have the potential of impacting and can become capable of...

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~ Breath and Release: Breathing Techniques that Channel Peace and Awareness

Breathing is critical to daily life but a vast majority of us give it little to no thought at all. Since our body takes care of the thinking for us, and breathing is an automatic process, then it should be doing it right, right? Our body is highly intelligent and can function with little to no thought but factors in our world as well as the "busy-ness" mentality that our culture is consumed with today have interrupted the natural flow of breath. Breath has become short and shallow, giving the body less oxygen and giving way for stress which is a leading factor in a multitude of sicknesses. Mindfully slowing down can bring the body and the spirit with harmony once again and put us in a place where the body can feel whole and heal itself.  I was astounded to find out, from a friend of mine who took a breathing workshop at a yoga retreat, that you release 80% of the toxins through the breath. Wow! 80%!

When we breathe, we are bringing oxygen to our blood and cells which help our body function better, brings clarity to the brain, and stress relief for the body. Most of us are breathing very shallow and only to our chest. We should focus our breath all the way to the feet and lower belly, and take deeper, longer inhales and exhales. Proper breathing should be used in daily life and can increase the quality of life when practiced on a daily basis.

So how can we bring awareness to our breath?

Here are some breathing exercises you can practice. Choose whichever one feels most natural to you or engages your intuition most. Start by practicing 5-10 minutes a day and try to eventually create a routine out of it. The benefits of deep breathing will surprise you and bring awareness into each experience.

Exercise #1 Victorious Warrior’s Breathe-Breathe of Ujjayi

Sit Indian style on a comfortable pillow, or mat, in a form of meditation. Keep your spine erect and be mindful of your muscles. Try to relax them as much as possible. Close your eyes and listen to your surroundings, slowly bringing awareness to the sounds you overlooked before. Now once you have reached a peaceful state, take a long slow inhale through your nostrils only, feeling the breath fill up your lungs. Hold for 7 counts and release slowly through the nostrils again for 7 counts. Notice how each breath is nourishing the mind and relaxing the muscles. You can do a variation of this on all fours, hands and knees.

Exercise #2 Tiger's Breathe

In this exercise, you will be using your mind to imagine the breath encircling to your feet and moving through your body. Stand up tall, spine erect, and remember to engage your lower belly as you go through this exercise. With hands to your sides, feet hip width apart, palms facing outward, take a deep inhale in. Feel the breath and imagine it moving in a clockwise motion touching the base of your feet and making its way back up through your right side. Feel the prana and great life force energy move through you. Once it has made it’s full circle with a strong release, tongue out, force the breathe out feeling the breathe leave you and all the stress with it until the lower belly is empty. Repeat 10-12 times.

Exercise #3 Alternate Nostril Breathing

One my favorite breathing exercises. This is a good practice in the beginning of the day to promote balance.

Follow this step by step video for this breathing technique:


Benefits of Breath Awareness:
~ Stress and Anxiety Release
~ Immune System Boost
~ Detox
~ Stabilizes Moods
~ Presence

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Here is an inspiring story of how one man, with great intention, changed the course of the century. Jadav Payeng single-handedly created a forest that will serve many living people and creatures, changing the course of the environment.  He is a beautiful living example of how the power of one person with enormous will and intention can achieve the unthinkable. He has left a legacy that people and all living things can benefit from for many years to come.



His Story 

More words from Payeng @



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"The small things are very big. Pay attention to the small signs on your path that call for your attention. Has it called to you before? The big things like to disguise themselves to appear small but if you listen closely, your heart knows what is important. Just like a small seed can create a large sequoia, a small change today is the fruit of your future."

This message revealed itself to me and close friends in different lessons several times this month. It demands attention on an individual and collective level. Sharing this message, I am reminded that each of us hold a special gift and calling that contributes to the strengths as well as the weaknesses of others. The point is that as a collective mind, we can all be strong. We can all strengthen each other through awareness and a willingness to share. The presence of one small thing can seem insignificant, at the moment it is happening, but can carry much weight in the course of your life. Remember, it only takes one degree from boiling point. One thought away from happiness. One choice to make a change. One change to make the impossible feel possible. One miracle to create a life of purpose.


Book Recommendation of the Month:


I’ve been blessed to have stumbled across this book. It has helped me in emotional and spiritual levels and helped me realize the limitations I was putting on my self. The way of the Shaman teaches us to release the layers of our self that cloud our great visions and emerge as we are and as we always were, powerful and infinite beings.

Power Animal of the Month



The hummingbird spirit calls you this month to go beyond physical limitations and achieve great vision. The hummingbird is a symbol of the spiritual above physical and is a manifestation of achieving the impossible. The hummingbird spirit encourages us to see the bigger picture and break through our minds limitations, giving us a the strength to pursue the great dream.

Stone of the Month


Releases Negative Karma while awakening and activating the Pineal Gland. It’s a great stone for the busy mind and helps one to focus and release anxiety and depression. It brings you in contact with Divine love allowing you to see that you are a being of love. Wearing amethyst or keeping it in your space can change the vibration of the room to raised energetic levels that welcome Divine vision and insight.


Be kind
Practice Courage
And always be thankful

Love is everything.

Blessings and love overflow,

Roger and Cecilia

Owners and Creators of Whims Of Wanderlust Jewelry.

Reach me at whimsofwanderlust@gmail.com


Facebook: www.facebook.com/whimsofwanderlust

Instagram: @whimsofwanderlustjewelry


Credits: Shiva Rea (top photo)

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